Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Yurie's Party

SO Saturday was Yurie's little sister Yuki's sweet sixteen party. It was alot of fun and I learned so much about Japan. The woman that hosted the party, Mrs. Massey, her daughter is in Kochi Japan at the same school I am going to. She was able to give me heaps of useful information and stories all about Japan. For instance the Japanese school that I will be going to is primarily to teach young girls how to be good wives. haha. And the most important thing to a Japanese person is punctuality... meaning I can't be late, which isn't too much of a problem. HAHAHa.. I will also be staying with Rotarians usually older ones with children not living at home. So I will be incredibly lonely, but that's okay cause I can entertain myself. School is hard but when there is testing they send the exchange students into the library on the 'gaijin' computer. That doesn't sound bad. Anyone about Yuries family: Yuki is 16, she is really nice and pretty but she goes to different school (coed), Yoka is 20 she is studying to be a dentist, Sao-mama is the mother. She was soooooooo nice, once when she wanted me to take a picture she smiled and said "arigato" and I and my impressive Japanese skills (hahaha) said "dou itashimashite" (your welcome) and she enthusiastically says "You Japanese is sooo goo'" I felt like the best Japanese speaker ever : ) HAHA

Monday, March 13, 2006


So again it has not been confirmed but... I'm going to Kochi, Japan.

According to Kochi City Online, "Kochi City is located on the southern side of Shikoku, the smallest of Japan's four major islands. Bordered by lush green mountains to the north, and blessed by the abundance of the Pacific Ocean to the south, Kochi is naturally rich and beautiful. A smallish city by Japanese standards, Kochi has its own unique country charm that is absolutely irresistible. Kochi is also the home of women's voting rights as well as the Japanese Liberty and People's Rights Movement." To read more about this lovely city visit http://www.city.kochi.kochi.jp/info/english/.

So today I was practicing My Japanese and I realized how badly I am at it. I'm not being modest... I really stink. This worries me but I'm hoping that the Japanese will be cool about me not knowing much. Oh well thats all for now...